Acknowledgements & Credits

Where to start? So many friends to thank. Here are a few champions without whose contributions this book wouldn't be quite what it is.

First of all I would like to thank my wife for putting up with all the sacrifices that had to be made to get this book done; for inspiration Korak Day with his selfless striving to love the whole world; Margaret Opio for sharing her blue balloon work; to my parents, beside their support, I owe them my education for which they had to make many sacrifices; to big Pat for keeping my mum happy and healthy and my mind free from stress.

Next, a special thanks goes to my bro Aron Thornley. His keen insight and attention to detail sharpened and polished this book as only he could. A big thanks to my long time friend Jen Elliot, for her editing and encouragement; Mark B for his ideas, editing and enthusiasm; Tom Downes for his ideas and wise feedback; Peter Huck for his never ending kindness.

Finally, in an all-star cast (In alphabetical order):

Big Al, Serkan; Charlie and Parker; Charlie (Perfectly Write) for the first class copy-editing; Julian; Mr Starman Paul Cade; Racheal; Rosie; Toni Whitehouse and children; and my champion friends at Biddles: Eve, Nicky, Jeanette, Sarah, Theresa and Tom.

Next we come to the champions who kindly allowed me to use their photos and / or shared photos with me: Art Rozbiewski; Oliver Hendey; Jay Hofman; Jeremy Horner; Prashant Jeloka; Longleat Enterprises Ltd (Longleat Zoo); Bob and Jeanne Messersmith; Rafiqur Rahman and Parvinder Sethi.

If I have forgotten anyone's name it's not because I'm ungrateful, it's only because my small mind sometimes forgets things.

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